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Forever True

Dorothy Iannone


Forever True, 2019

Edition : 30 copies

prix sur demande

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40 x 32,5 x 11,5 cm


Céramique, émail cloisonné, laiton
Manufacture des Emaux de Longwy, France



For We Do Not Work Alone, Dorothy Iannone conceived a limited edition : Forever True, a ceramic lamp using the cloisonné enamel technique from the Manufacture des Émaux de Longwy in France.
An exceptional object in Dorothy Iannone’s editions for its three-dimensionality, this lamp originated from a painting she made in 2015, for the front cover of the Ewig Grün vinyl recorded in 1975.
Dorothy Iannone describes her painting as follows : « While contemplating my front cover flowers and stars falling from the air fireworks exploding in the sky I suddenly realized I had painted a metaphor for the moment of orgasm that fleeting moment where we are one with the true nature of our minds that moment of ecstatic unity wich can also be called enlightment »
Since the 1960s, Dorothy Iannone is a free and singular figure in the art world. Asserting her absolute
freedom as a woman and as an artist, she works with multiple medias, from drawing to sculpture through video. She always showcased substantial visual narratives, often from autobiographical origins, exploring the fascinating powers of the human sexuality.

Dorothy Iannone,  born in 1933 in Boston, lives and works in Berlin. The limited edition Forever True is her first collaboration with WE DO NOT WORK ALONE.

She is represented in Paris by gallery Air de Paris.