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Do, do, do !

Sarah Tritz


DO, DO, DO !, 2017

Edition : 200 copies

Prix : 50,00


43 x 29.5 x 2 cm


Plateau en mélamine


DO, DO, DO! is Sarah Tritz’s simple and gleeful injunction. This tray is the result of her interest in Paul Klee’s work and his forever re-imagined figures, but also the appeal of the characters drawn by children. For Sarah Tritz, the best shapes and drawings often come after a moment of letting go, when, after being weary of what came before, the drawing comes in a few minutes, almost in a performative state.

This melamine tray that evokes objects made in preschools with children’s drawings, Klee’s work, or the Hopis Indians’ dolls, is also the representation of a secret dance, lifeblood of the work and celebration of shapes.

Sarah Tritz is a French artist born in 1980, she currently lives in Paris.

The DO, DO, DO! tray is a limited edition of 200 copies and her first collaboration with WE DO NOT WORK ALONE.